Spring arrives tomorrow…

…at 6:02 AM (CDT), but I am certain we haven’t seen the last of the snow!

Winter Twigs

Winter Twigs

This image came out so beautifully, it shall be printed, as it is ‘worthy of the wall’!


10 responses to “Spring arrives tomorrow…

  1. Hi,
    we have found a picture of Kigelia Africana on your blog and I was wondering if we could use it in the design of a brochure relating to herbal extracts from Africa and if yes, what would be your conditions. Many thanks for your help,

    • Yes, by all means, use it, Jacques! Please, however, give credit to this blog (www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com) and also please give credit to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois.

      Thank you much for the visit…I’m more than happy to help!

    • Ah, merci beaucoup, Mlle B.! I was surprised to actually catch the ‘diamond sparkle’ of the snow…the angle of the sun was so perfect at that moment! Right place, right time–happens a lot to me!

  2. Our autumn came on 1 March and although the weather was still very hot for the first week or so, I was very glad to see the end of summer! Today we have a little more rain but I’m hoping it doesn’t get too heavy for a few hours as I’m taking my car for a service and will be spending the morning walking in town. But the library will be open later so I do have a plan B 🙂

    • After the terrible heat you had, with so little rain, I’m happy to hear the Autumn rains have begun, though they do hinder getting around! But, the dam will be full, I imagine…and that’s a good thing, even as winter approaches, yes?

  3. I Love this photo! Simply beautiful, and elegant. Perfect contrast between snow with soft shadows and the clambering twigs.
    ~ Lily

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