From my other window: Spring sunrise

NOTE: No Photoshop (TM) here…these are all straight from the camera!

7:02 AM (CDT), through the plastic and the moisture

7:02 AM (CDT), through the plastic and the moisture


&:03 AM (CDT), still through the plastic, but a very pretty day ahead, or so I thought!

7:03 AM (CDT), still through the plastic, but a very pretty day ahead, or so I thought!

Then, I checked the weather, and it’s only 15 degrees F.–that’s 17 degrees BELOW freezing, with a heavy west wind gusting to 23mph!

Not exactly my idea of Spring!

But…less than an hour later, my hardwood floors looked like this–gleaming–after being treated with an Orange-glo product!




Spring cleaning is almost finished!

Just the oven, the refrigerator, and 3 windows (inside and out), plus two sets of window blinds (yes, I also wash those, by soaking them in hot, soapy water in the tub, then letting them dry before re-hanging)!

Oh…and then I can tear the kitchen apart…I’m planning on washing the walls, then repainting!

A lot of work, you say?

Sure…but who doesn’t like living in a well-cleaned home?!?


6 responses to “From my other window: Spring sunrise

  1. Beautiful photos of the sunrise; I hope it warms up once all your spring cleaning efforts are completed and you can enjoy a well-earned stroll around the neighbourhood watching the blossom which must be ready to appear both on the trees/plants and in your photos!
    Your hardwood floors are beautiful. I love the colour and the orange treatment must have left them smelling wonderful, too.

    • Oh, everything is and smells so fresh, Lancer! The only problem? It is COLD, colder than cold! Though the sun is higher and the days longer, we’ve been in a terrible cold snap, below freezing even during the day…it’s more like ‘January’ than March, so nothing has really ‘popped’ in the past week!

      I was out this morning, and you’ll see how disappointed I was in my next post!

  2. Spring…I wish. We are in the midst of a blizzard here – very heavy snow and very cold – unusual for the UK to have snow in March. Not nice to commute in but great for walking in the wilds! Love the pictures of the sun through the glass…very warming!

  3. I love the shades of amber, especially during sunrise and sunset.
    The cold temperature is tempered by just seeing your images,
    my friend. Enjoy the sprouting spring, especially in the sweet
    comfort of your home.

    • Ah, muchas gracias, S. Chito…and that would be my very CLEAN home, as I have completed Spring cleaning (except for my two large windows–must wait for warmer weather, which is not forecast for this entire week)!

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