From my window: A year ago, yesterday…

…this was the view…ah, Spring!




From roughly the same angles, these show my little world on this very, very cold second day of Spring:




So disappointing, as not a bud or tiny, emerging leaf can be seen anywhere!

But…the major shock of the morning was at the legendary Emil Bach House tulip garden, where a few posts ago, I presented the first tulip sprouts coming along nicely…when I stopped by to check there growth, I found not a tulip in sight!

Apparently, they’ve all been dug out!

The northern half of the garden

The northern half of the garden

The southern half

The southern half

At first I thought it was my eyes, because I WAS really tired and didn’t want to be out walking in the cold!


Little ‘dug out’ spots show all the tulips been removed, meaning no spectacular display this year.

There is an awful lot of work to be done at the Emil Bach House, including installing a geothermal heating system–lots of digging around involved with that, and I give the owner much credit for the upgrade on this lovely piece of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture–they are doing it right!

But I sure will miss that large plot so full of tulips–one of my favorite Spring flowers!


4 responses to “From my window: A year ago, yesterday…

  1. I love your cat bird seat shots!! And so were the tulips lovingly moved because of the construction? I guess they’ll plant more after they complete the project? I also love FLW’s Emil Bach House. It’s a beauty! Do they still plan to restore sun deck? B. (Beautiful photographs.)

    • There are doing a huge restoration, but I’m not certain if the sundeck will be opened up…it’s glassed in and has a full roof these days). Not much going on during this cold weather, but once it warms up?

      Installing geothermal requires a lot of space for heavy equipment to drill down, then install the piping to the structure. I imagine that’s the reason the tulips were pulled, Mlle B., and I certainly hope their greensmen saved as many as possible, as they’ve been cared for for quite a few years. The last occupant was Mr. Pritzker’s (of the Hyatt family) secretary, and she did much of the landscaping by herself, planting/replanting tulips and later the annuals…we shall see, is all I can say at this point!

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