Sorry, running behind…

…but then, so is Spring!

Yesterday, I washed down (with TSP–Trisodium Phosphate) the kitchen ceiling and walls, plus a few others that needed it…that’s the reason there was no post yesterday–it took NINE hours (with breaks in between where I was busy with other cleaning), but…

…except for the two large windows and their blinds, the Spring cleaning is complete!

Give a cheer for the old gal, who can still climb a ladder (though slowly and carefully!)…she worked her bum off, just to get ready for painting, which will not even be attempted until warmer weather (whenever that decides to show up!)!

We were supposed to be “inundated with snow” today…then those crazy weather folks knocked it back to “two inches”, and finally succumbed to “snow flurries”…and guess what?

Nary a flake fell all day!!!

The wind has been pretty vicious all day, so I thought I’d show you Lake Michigan…from last Sunday, the 17th, another windy day.

Five Piers

Five Piers


Gull Trio

Gull Trio


Rough and Tumble, the first

Rough and Tumble, the first


Rough and Tumble, the second

Rough and Tumble, the second

Back tomorrow…I’ve simply got to rub some Neutrogena into my poor, dry hands!


7 responses to “Sorry, running behind…

  1. Wonderful photos – I feel like I’m standing right there.
    Fortunately for us here in Australia, autumn has arrived and we’ve had some lovely days. It’s forecast for a bit warmer today but not too hot 🙂

    • The heavy heat will not return, I hope, Lancer, as sometimes has happened here in Chicago! Every several years, it seems, we’re hit with extremely hot weather, even in October–temps above 25 degrees C.!

      Good to hear you’re enjoying the Autumn…wish I could say the same about our cold, very late Spring!

  2. The lake is fascinating, my friend. Though you must be tired after all that cleaning, but the Greek blood in you makes you durably tough, it seems. Carry on! Have a wonderful day!

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