…with window plants was a lot of fun!

Here are the originals, followed by the final results.

Eckankar Window Plants-1 Original


Eckankar Window Plants-1


Eckankar Window Plants-2 Original


Eckankar Window Plants-2


Eckankar Window Plants-3 Original


Eckankar Window Plants-3





Spring is soooo very late, not even the buds on bushes and trees are showing any signs of swelling!

I decided to find window plants, and thought these came out rather fine, thanks to Adobe Photoshop (TM)!


3 responses to “‘Playing’…

    • Muchas gracias, S. Chito…but it is only because I use Photoshop to its utmost, and have the time to ‘play’ with various options. Also, there are images running through my mind constantly, and I must display them in some form of reality…Photoshop enhances the ability to do so many things I could never achieve in the darkroom!

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