Shoes! Gah-lor-ee-yus SHOES!

At AKIRA on State Street in the Chicago Loop!

Akira on State Street-1

Some are wonderful…others look as if they came from a cartoon strip!

Akira on State Street-2


Akira on State Street-3


Akira on State Street-4


Akira on State Street-5


Akira on State Street-6


Akira on State Street-12


Akira on State Street-11


Akira on State Street-10


Akira on State Street-9


Akira on State Street-8

And MY favorite?

This pair, from Chinese Laundry!

Akira on State Street-7

Soooo very elegant, aren’t they?

9 responses to “Shoes! Gah-lor-ee-yus SHOES!

  1. Whoa. Your photographs and the vitrines stopped me in my tracks. “Gah-lor-ee-yus” post!! The pink really pops. Oh, how I love window shopping on State Street, that great street. I also love the pair by Chinese Laundry! The steel toes are pretty swell. I also dig the black and gold “Edina” booty with the large black buttons. They look comfortable. Great with longish skirts or black jersey slacks. Fun! Thanks for the Chicago shopping spree! B.

    • Yes, sir, they DO…at least here in Chicago! I see many women struggling, really struggling to keep their balance…I always chuckle quietly to myself and give just the slightest shake of the head!

      Shoe designers (and I’ve known a few!) are nasty people in my book, and it all boils down to ‘anything to make a buck’!

  2. I agree the Chinese Laundry shoes are very elegant but, sadly, me in high heels is not an elegant sight – I’d topple over, for sure and never do them justice. Lots of fun styles there but, for me, it would be the lace-up boots (I really like the bottom pair) or those very nicely priced flats ($32.90) – those studs would certainly stop anyone treading on my toes!

    • Agree fully, Lancer…I’d like to own the Chinese Laundry pair just to look at! I’d never be able to walk in them…the cane would have to be raised about four inches! I do love all the boots, and the flats are really so wonderful, I AM tempted to go back…have to take a look at my $$$ first though!

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