While out walking today…

…I came across this, hanging from a tree branch.

Do you know what it is?

Why, it's a LINT BAG!

Well, it’s a LINT BAG!

A homeowner put it out to help these little guys (gals?) build snuggly nests!

April's Robin-3


April's Robin-2


April's Robin-1

Yes, the robins are back and it finally feels a bit more like Spring!

6 responses to “While out walking today…

  1. Beautiful pictures! It’s unbelievable how you charmed this red robin to pose for you. I always have difficulties getting a picture of this bird from this close. 😉

  2. Beautiful Robins and I love the lint bag. I’ve often seen birds taking bits of wool caught in farm fences for their nests, so I imagine the lint bag is the city alternative. Clever little recyclers!

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