Faded Hydrangeas

After all the snow, icy frost and wind they’ve been through, the faded Hydrangeas continue to stand tall!

Faded Hydrangeas-1


Faded Hydrangeas-2

4 responses to “Faded Hydrangeas

    • They are gorgeous in their season, Jensine…yet I feel, when they fade and survive, such as these have, they possess a higher beauty! Thanks so, and hope things are well with you on the Emerald Isle!

  1. I remember in the seventies, hydrangeas were very popular in dried arrangements and so many houses had them in huge vases or urns. I think some people used to spray them with a little colour. My hydrangeas struggled in the heat and dry this year but they survived and I’m sure will do better next season.

    • So happy to hear they made it through that awful time, Lancer! I’d love to cut a few of these and take them home, mostly to see how long they would last…but, these are on public property, outside a mall, and I won’t hold my breath!

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