In the bright

In the Bright-4 Glow Edge


In the Bright-1 Glow Edge


In the Bright-2 Glow Edge


In the Bright-3 Glow Edge


In the Bright-5 Glow Edge

Yes, the Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop’s (TM) Stylize filters does have its uses!

Here are the originals, in case you’re interested:

In the Bright-4


In the Bright-1


In the Bright-2


In the Bright-3


In the Bright-5

May you all enjoy a happy Spring Sunday!


4 responses to “In the bright

  1. Beautiful! So glad you have some warmth at last and I imagine the spring scents will be filling the air as each new blossom opens. We are having a lovely autumn here and I’m enjoying preparing the garden before winter sets in.

    • Most won’t understand how wonderful it is to work in the garden (a large one) to get it ready against the onslaught of winter. Your winters are much warmer than ours, I’m certain, Lancer, yet everything must be ‘tucked in’ before the winter chill!

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