A walk among the stones

As you saw in the previous post, Lake Michigan looked gorgeous on Easter Sunday afternoon…but a west wind prevailed, and it began to look as if rain might be on the way.

I had walked as far as Calvary Cemetery and figured, “Why not? I’m here and haven’t been for six years, so just stroll on through, take a few shots and return home the way you came!”

Not quite!

I ended up walking through from the Sheridan Road entrance to the arched Chicago Avenue, Evanston, entrance.

Here are some of the things I captured along the way:


Within a few minutes, darker clouds moved in from the northwest, giving the cemetery a creepier feel.


Looming over one of several obelisk monuments, I felt this cloud would surely bring rain.


A notable monument to young Josie Lyon…


…who passed long ago at age nine, sadly.


One of the older monuments in Calvary Cemetery, ravaged by years of harsh weather.
Older and newer monuments are interspersed here at Calvary, where it is said there is no more room–all the plots have been sold, though there are many open spaces.
A rusted chain and lock secure the doors of a mausoleum dating from the late 19th century.
A huge, flock of starlings were ‘practicing’ landing in the trees…it was at this point I met a ‘living’ couple, David and Lisa; we stood and talked in the cold wind for quite a time!
David Burnham (NOT related to Daniel Burnham!) is an architect with an office in Wilmette, just up the shore.  You might want to visit his new website, www.burnhamandvancleave.com, if you are interested in some very fine designs.
I think the man’s a genius and, though he has no moustache, looks an awful lot like Daniel Burnham!
The inspiring archway of the Chicago Avenue entrance to Calvary Cemetery
As I left to walk a number of lonely blocks down to Howard Street, I looked to the sky…quiet, amazing beauty in the late afternoon sun.
Please Note:  These images were not processed in my usual ‘high contrast’ manner.  I reduced contrast significantly, in order to present a softness…in respect for all those who have passed before us.

4 responses to “A walk among the stones

  1. Aren’t some cemeteries ‘weird’ – especially the gothic ones….little Joseph Lyon’s monument is weird…well taken 1000…thanks for showing these

    • Ah, the clouds were fantastic that day, Leanne! It never did rain, but they continued to hang about. So glad they did, because photographing in a cemetery in a fine blue-sky day is so totally silly to me…the clouds add ‘atmosphere’! Many of these graves/monuments were moved up here a hundred or so years ago, because Chicago was really growing, and people didn’t want a cemetery in their midst. The only thing left in the old cemetery is the Couch family mausoleum…the family protested its movement, and there it sits, in Lincoln Park, about a half block from the Catholic Cardinal’s mansion! I’ll go down and shoot there sometime soon.

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