Easter Day Lake Shore

Howard Street Beach

Howard Street Beach


Rogers Avenue Beach

Rogers Avenue Beach


Near Juneway Terrace Beach

Near Juneway Terrace Beach


Opposite the entrance to Calvary Cemetery...but that's a story for tomorrow!

Opposite the entrance to Calvary Cemeterybut that’s a story for tomorrow!


4 responses to “Easter Day Lake Shore

    • I love when the lake turns all these different hues, Lancer…so very gorgeous! The water, however, is quite slow to warm, as Michigan is a huge body of water, at times very treacherous…but you’d never know that in these images!

  1. OMG that lake is huge, you can’t see to the other side. It looks like the ocean, is it fresh water? It looks a lot nicer than the last time I saw photos of it.

    • Yes, freshwater, and something like over 300 miles long and over 50 miles wide! It IS considered an ‘inland ocean’, and can become a very ‘angry’ body of water at any moment during foul weather. Many have died when their ships and boats were destroyed during lake storms. It also has a tide, due to the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway many years ago…which I never really noticed until I moved to this neighborhood 6 years ago and began photographing the lake on a regular basis.

      BTW, because it is freshwater, many people living near the Great Lakes (there are 5) have chronic sinus problems. My own have cleared totally while I was in Italy several times many years ago…only to return to living nesr the lake, and the sinus headaches and congestion begin again almost immediately!

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