The French call it…

l’heure bleu“…

the Italians, “il crepuscolo“…

I call it “gorgeous!

Twilight, with fog

Twilight, with fog

6 responses to “The French call it…

  1. I first saw this in the reader and I couldn’t wait to look at the post. I love the colour purple so of course it appealed to me. I just love it, it is a great image and I love what you have done to it.

      • I’ve mostly been adjusting the contrast in ‘Shadows/Highlights’, Leanne, where I get a better feel for how the finished image should look. Almost all shots for the past several months first get re-sized/cropped, then into Shadows/Highlights…it’s an excellent feature to adjust, where even a ‘poor-looking’ shot changes into a very workable image. Hope you’re doing well today (tonight!)???

    • Every once in a while, smacked, the skies cooperate and present a view like this! I grab the camera, excited as a little child at a birthday party! Unfortunately, the colors change to ‘dull’ so very quickly, and the exceptional beauty fades….

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