Today’s lake…

4:07 PM (CDT)

4:07 PM (CDT)

…and, from Saturday, the first tulips!

First Tulips-2


First Tulips-3


Then there are these tulips, struggling to grow in a corner planting.

A new variety, perhaps?

A new variety, perhaps?

Not at all!

They have been spray-painted RED by the civil engineers, to mark the path of the underground phone and electric lines to be avoided by construction crews digging up the parkways to install new PVC gas lines.

To me, they look quite sad and I hope they recover to produce gorgeous blooms!

2 responses to “Today’s lake…

    • Lake Michigan hardly warms until after mid-June, Leanne, and even then, except in the shallows, it remains quite cold, which produces a lot of fog way offshore. Civil engineers simply do not care what gets destroyed…they’ve torn through many perennial corner plantings along the street, which regular residents work very hard at to keep the neighborhood looking a bit more beautiful…so sad, because now the gardeners have to re-work these tiny plots, and get rid of all the subsoil and rubble these ‘destroyers’ left behind!

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