For the past six years…

…I have photographed this yellow Magnolia tree, which is just two doors down the street.

It's grown about four feet taller and wider, but had never set many blooms...until this year!

It’s grown about four feet taller and wider, but had never set many blooms…until this year!

Late yesterday afternoon, I decided to have a go at it…and now have over two dozen close-ups of these alluring, elegant and short-lived flowers.

Here are a few…and please, take a moment to look closely at the wonders of each different blossom:

Yel Mag-1

* * *

Yel Mag-2

* * *

Yel Mag-3

My little Nikon P80 took some beauties, didn’t it…considering it’s already more than four and a half years old?!?


6 responses to “For the past six years…

    • They certainly are, smacked! This is the only one I’ve ever seen, and it intrigues me so that I continue to wait for it to bloom…this year it is so full of blossoms, the only thing missing is some sort of ‘perfume’ they would give off…that would be heavenly!

  1. It did take some beauties, I love the close ups, you did a great job with it 1000. I have one growing in my garden, not sure if it will survive, the first one I planted died, so who knows.

    • I am so enamored of this particular tree, Leanne, because I can walk right up to it and take shots of its very sensuous blooms. In all my life, I had never seen a yellow Magnolia…therefore the fascination. I’m hoping these will help me (via: colors) to finish my painting of one I began some five years ago!

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