…the temperature hit around 85 degrees F. in Chicago, though it was about 10 degrees cooler at the lake shore.

That didn’t stop these people from spending a wonderful Tuesday afternoon at the beach!

Lake 14MAY2013-1


So much for the ordinary beach shot…I much prefer this image!

Lake 14MAY2013-2


9 responses to “Yesterday…

    • WOW, and in Devon! I’m wondering, smacked, since Man has only been keeping somewhat exact records of weather for under 200 years, if things such as these ‘odd occurrences’ were not happening all along…and no one thought them odd at all…just normal weather patterns?!?

  1. I love the second shot, too, although I can almost feel the warmth from the first one! We’ve had a cold spell here, quite a shock after our extended warm autumn. Welcome rain and today the sun is shinning again 🙂

    • We’ve still had cooler, much cooler temps here along the lake shore, Lancer. After your past Summer, though, I would think your budget will appreciate the lower electricity $$$…and the land must be so very welcoming of the rains!

    • We’ve hadf just a few really nice, warm days here, and the beaches officially opened on this past Friday…but that lake is COOOOLLLLDDDD, and at this rate, won’t really warm up until July!

      • I think people forget that water needs to warm up and it can take a while. A lot of the beaches in my state, the water is nearly always very cold because the water is coming up from the Antarctica, so always cold.

      • I didn’t know that about your waters, leanne…so very interesting! As I’ve mentioned before, lake Michigan is so large and so very deep, it’s considered an ‘inland ocean’…and below ten feet, it remains a constant cold temp all year. At times, during winter, the entire lake has been ‘frozen over’ with ice several feet thick!

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