Invasion of privacy or…

…just finding it very interesting, to photograph a squirrel doing his/her daily ablutions high up on limb?!?

Squirrel Grooming-1


Squirrel Grooming-2


Squirrel Grooming-3


8 responses to “Invasion of privacy or…

    • Really? They are so very abundant here…lots of Dumpsters for them to climb into! Also, we have a few black squirrels in the surrounding blocks, but they’re difficult to capture (camera shy, I guess?)!

  1. I’m in love!! What a cutie-pie. So pretty. I love the shots. Beautiful sunlight! B. (A few years ago, I rescued a baby squirrel. She had fallen out of a tree. I immediately took her to a rescue hospital. She survived! I was a wreck at the end of the day!)

    • Neither did I, unitl I noticed it! This went on for at least ten minutes, then he/she moved down the tree trunk and ran off. I didn’t seem to scare her, as I keep my camera set on “Museum”, therefore no annoying electronic noise.

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