As I mentioned…

…in the previous post, I am celebrating LIFE today!

I awoke long before sunrise, and this is what I saw from my studio window, which gave me hope for the day!

5:37 AM (CDT)

5:37 AM (CDT)


5:38 AM (CDT)

5:38 AM (CDT)

Just before 8:00 AM, the warm morning (such a curiosity!) beckoned, and I walked over to the lake.

8:03 AM (CDT)

8:03 AM (CDT)

Walking around this early was splendid…I stopped at Leone Beach Park and photographed the NOT-snow”–petals from the crabapple trees…


…and some more NOT-snow” at the Loyola Park baseball diamond–just lowly dandelions here, gone to seed all at once!

Not Snow-2

The temperature was in the high 70s (F.)–hot for early morning, but there was a moderately strong south wind…just so perfect for the first anniversary of LIFE!

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