At about this hour…

…one year ago today, I was near death in an emergency room, suffering from a huge pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in my right lung, very, very close to the heart.

After nine days, I was finally released, and received home care from visiting nurses for almost a month…until I found my wonderful new doctor!

He has helped me regain my general health; of course, I, too, work very hard at it, because at sixty-seven years, I could give up–but that’s just not in my genes.

The most ‘help’ I’ve received is from YOU, my followers–new and older!

YOU keep me going at it!

So please, pat yourselves on the back and celebrate LIFE with me today, because one year ago I thought I might never see another Spring, like this:



8 responses to “At about this hour…

  1. Well, merci your words of inspiration and exquisite photography! Gifts, really. I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my daily jaunts to Chicago! B. (And BRAVO on the healthy year!!)

  2. I am so late with this, but it has been a pleasure following you, and wow, that must have been so scary, and so very glad they were able to save you. My darling friend from across the ways.

    • It was quite horrific, Leanne, and I’m happier than heck to have gotten beyond. My health is so much improved this year (the doc is thrilled!)…and for being a year older, I seem (most days) to have more energy–sometimes, though, the 24-hour day is just NOT enough!

    • Oh, I do not worry, Googsy, I simply mark the time, and am pleased to have been allowed to make it this far in my life. I had to make many changes, but as you say, everything will be (IS!) alright–Thanks again!

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