It’s been thirty-one years…

…since my first trip to Italy, and thought many of my new followers (201, now!) might enjoy sharing that marvelous experience.

Two summers ago, I scanned all the 35mm slides, Photoshopped each and every one, and produced the following video.

6 responses to “It’s been thirty-one years…

    • It was wonderful back then, smacked, but just as every other country has gotten terribly expensive, so has Italy…though I truly wish I could go back and live there! You might find Frances Mayer’s “Under the Tuscan Sun” (and related books by her) enjoyable, as back, I believe, in the 70s, she purchased a run-down Tuscan villa and restored it over the course of many years, including the gardens and olive grove–they ended up having their olives locally pressed, thus their own lovely olive oil!

      I shot so much in Genova due to using it as my base (my cousin was working there for years, and was well-known in the old part of the city). Vlado encouraged me to walk around, use the train schedule, and go wherever I felt I should–at times, I’d just get off the train and stay several days in a town that looked inviting! So, I traveled all over the north of Italy for several months on that first trip (shot 45 rolls rolls of 36-frame film!) and felt I had entered heaven!

  1. What a great idea, the video. I have been slowly scanning my negatives, hard to know what to scan and what not to scan. There are some great images there 1000.

    • It’s a tough job to take on, Leanne, but I felt it was worth it…now these wonderful images are ‘out there’, instead of being packed away! Scanning was tedious, the P’shopping even moreso, but it all came together quite well, I feel. Next project? Scanning B/W negs from the 1970s-80s, and putting them together (I know not how, yet!) with some funky music.

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