Fading Tulips



Fading Pink Tulip


Fading Purple Tulip


Fading Red Tulip


5 responses to “Fading Tulips

  1. I love the way you captured the drama of the fading tulips. Just as they have delighted us visually, the time has come to say goodbye. 😉

  2. It is very appropriate that I see this today, as just today I went into the florist and they had tulips, I thought it was a little early, but they told me they pretty much have them all year round, so I won’t have to wait until spring to take my tulip photos.

    • Oh, that’s excellent! Back when I subbed in Floral Design, one executive required tulips on his desk…a small vase had to be overloaded, and no leaves at all. The wholesaler always had tulips, and that was some thirteen years ago–but I was amazed!

      They are wonderful to photograph, as they change almost from hour to hour when cut…which reminds me to set up a backdrop in my studio so I can do some tabletop and for a portrait coming up!

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