Awareness…or not…

…something wonderful can happen when one makes a mistake!

We’ve had some pretty amazing sunsets here in Chicago lately…I grabbed the camera and shot this one with the “Sunset” setting back on May 25th.




The following morning, I awoke early, and obviously had not had quite enough coffee, because I quickly grabbed the camera and rushed into the studio to capture the sunrise.

I forgot to change the setting!

In a way, though, I was quite happy with the outcome.

Sunrise 1-Sunset Setting


Sunrise 2-Sunset Setting

A moment later, realizing my error, I re-set and clicked again…this is what the May 26th sunrise really looked like:

26MAY2013 529 AM Sunrise

Wrong setting…right setting?

It matters not…because beauty IS in the (camera’s) eye of the beholder!

2 responses to “Awareness…or not…

    • Actually, it might, if you shoot on Auto, which I do (lazy me!). It was a nice ‘accident’, and I’ve come to vary these settings occasionally…it gives me something different to start off with, more of a challenge, I guess.

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