Though here and there…

…a late Daffodil blooms…

Late Daffodil

…the first week of June has brought the first of Summer’s beauty!

The first Hosta blossoms I've come across

The first Hosta blossoms I’ve come across

A Hosta stalk, its blossoms still hidden

A Hosta stalk, its blossoms still hidden

This Hosta stalk has made a bit more progress

This Hosta stalk has made a bit more progress

Wednesday evening, though it had begun to rain, I took a short walk to a nearby courtyard I had never entered and found these beauties among a wide variety of other Flora:

Pale Pink Roses

Pale Pink Roses

Deeper Pink Roses

Deeper Pink Roses

Salmon-colored Roses

Salmon-colored Roses

They’re all a bit late in blooming, due to a cold and somewhat wet, cloudy Spring…but it’s only two more weeks until Summer officially begins, at 12:04 AM (CDT) on the 21st of June–the Summer Solstice…and perhaps our Chicago weather will warm up some before then?!?

11 responses to “Though here and there…

  1. Lovely – Absolutely beautiful pix – takes me on a spiritual journey, just wish I could smell their fragrances … 🙂

      • hmmm .. if only we could transport smells along with the visuals – boy would that be cool…

      • Ah, I’ve thought of that happening, too, Bob! It would be cooler-than-cool! Then again, modern technology comes up with a lot…but I think the fact that you took notice here, and the memory of these smells took over in your brain…hmmm, that’s a great achievement…more than any computer in the world could accomplish!

      • didn’t even think of it that way . Thanks for helping me notice that my brain created those memories. Wow – I feel like I’m in Philosophical Friday … 🙂 seriously though – I do love your work – keep posting. 🙂

      • You’re quite welcome, Bob Lee! Though I live in Chicago, the city of corruption, murder and daily numerous shootings, I prefer to find and post the beauty I see along the paths I walk, and I’m very pleased when my own emotions get noticed, and trigger a memory for someone sensitive to these things (such as you). As long as the camera and computer work, and the poor eyes keep seeing, I shall post the glories of the world as I see it!

      • And I will encourage you to do so since it has left such a positive impact on me. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I needed this break. And I agree!! Who needs Smell-o-Vision. Your photography does the trick! B. (I think the daffodil is my favorite. Mellow Yellow!!)

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