Yesterday’s ‘first day of Summer’ weather…

…was a bummer!

Look closely at these two images, taken at 1:20 PM (CDT), and you’ll see how the rains distorted the Farcroft building a block and a half to the north.

No Photoshopping here, it was just that dark and gloomy!




Looking down to the parking lot wasn’t very inspiring either!

Window-5 125 PM

I’ve been feeling in a kind of funk the past few days, so I went out earlier and walked over to the lake.


I did find a few flowers along the way, which need to be processed–ho hum, more flower shots!

Then I captured an image which best-describes my mood:



A reflection in a puddle…nice and dark and dreary!

I think I’ll slow down a bit, and post every other day or so…until the adrenaline begins to flow again!

8 responses to “Yesterday’s ‘first day of Summer’ weather…

  1. They showed a shot of Melbourne on the news yesterday morning, shrouded with fog and looking very similar. Here, 100kms north, we had heavy frost followed by lots of sun. Cool but much nicer than the gloom.
    I hope your adrenaline fires up soon and you get some sunny skies.

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