Out with the old!

After a harrowing, hot weekend, the power supply in my desktop was finally replaced late yesterday afternoon…HOORAH!

Thanks to “Kris at Quest” (located on the first floor of my building), everything is running smoothly and very quietly.

I was offered the old power supply and took it, merely to photograph, and shall recycle it promptly.

'Dead' Power Supply-Front

‘Dead’ Power Supply–Front


'Dead' Power Supply-Back

‘Dead’ Power Supply–Back

The black ‘thing’ at the top of the photos is another exhaust fan, which Kris also replaced, as that was what was causing a whining sound which worsened as time went on.

I urge everyone to clean the inside of your computers regularly, thoroughly and carefully by vacuuming out all vents and, if it’s a desktop model, take off the side or top, and carefully (again) clean out all the dust and dirt from the inside.

Your computer will thank you for that!

* * *

First, I’d like to thank all of you for your patience, as it became too difficult and time-consuming to post anything on my poor old laptop, which, as I told you earlier, was prone to ‘falling asleep’…the blinking on and off became very irritating, so irritating that I couldn’t really get into my e-mail to even look at your posts and comment on your work.

I promise that will be accomplished over the next few (very HOT!  Low 90s F.–near mid-30s C.) days, as I sit drinking icy cold herbal teas with a huge fan blowing on me!

Here are some images I took late last week…boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do!

While walking a new route from the hardware store on Friday, the lighting was perfect for some truly ‘chiaroscuro’ shots.

Chiaroscuro on Ashland Avenue, the first

Chiaroscuro on Ashland Avenue, the first


Chiaroscuro on Ashland Avenue, the second

Chiaroscuro on Ashland Avenue, the second

Fallen Mulberries litter the walkway beside Leone Beach Park.


Mulberries and Shadows, the first

Mulberries and Shadows, the first


Mulberries and Shadows, the second

Mulberries and Shadows, the second

* * *

For those of you in heat-devastated areas, please stay cool and drink lots of water…and for those of you where it’s Winter now, please keep warm and cozy!


8 responses to “Out with the old!

  1. love the light in these 1000..especially the second shot against the black background…looks very hot in the ‘Windy City’ – it is the ‘Windy City’ isn’t it?

  2. My husband often does that for me, gives it a bit of a clean. Mine is getting old and probably will need to be replaced in the near future.
    I think you have some great captures here, love that latest one, very textural. The shadows are devine and I really like the way you have used them.

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