It’s been the worst of times…

…because my computer totally died and both the motherboard and the CPU had to be replaced.

AT&T kept giving me a ‘security error’, stating that my Internet account was “Unprovisioned“.

In addition, BEDBUGS migrated from an apartment one floor below, and even after TWO exterminations, a few remain, though I’ve caulked every baseboard, filled every hairline crack, washed walls and almost every article of clothing I own (much is still tied up in plastic bags until I can get to the cleaners).

My lovely home/apartment has been totally ‘topsy-turvy’ for the last two and a half weeks…and I.  Am.  Exhausted!

Yesterday, I spent five hours re-installing software (still have some ‘tweaking to do!), made two trips up to AT&T in Evanston to alleviate the ‘lack of Internet’ situation, and have made it through one of my three e-mail accounts before collapsing into bed.

Time to begin again…

New Day

…with a brand new day!

13 responses to “It’s been the worst of times…

  1. Welcome back 1000! With you not posting or commenting for a while I hoped you were OK and nothing ‘untoward’ had happened to you. Glad you are back in the blogosphere – I missed your posts and look forward to more – you always cheer me up!

    • Well…it actually was a bit ‘untoward’, dear J!!! Contending with all the upheaval and being without a computer was a horrid change to deal with. I continued to take photos but couldn’t upload them, and, after listening to the radio so very much, I feet so depressed. I did do some creative work in the studio, but most of the several weeks was spent in drudgery, my proactive approach to ridding the place of the nasty bedbugs…what a CHORE!

      • Thank you 1000! Nice that you are back in the WordPress world again, hope your IT troubles are now small ones 🙂

      • Thanks, smacked! Still have a situation with the monitor res, though…NVIDIA says I’m running GeForce 320.20, but the res is off, making things stretched (I have an HP 22″ monitor), so I have to work on that. It does affect my P’shop work though, because I’m strictly ‘numbers’ there. I’ll go back to NVIDI’a site and try to download a newer version a bit later, and see if that helps….

      • I know…Windows is not able to download for some reason, and NVIDIA is missing from my Programs list, so I may have to have a new graphics card installed, because when the work was done replacing the motherboard and CPU, I ended up with only a ‘Standard VGA Graphics Card’, with the highest res at 1400 x 1050–the monitor is calibrated at something like 1600 x 1280, I believe…so more work and $$$ ahead, but I can deal with it for now. Thanks, smacked, and hope you’re having a marvelous day–being a new Grampy and all!

  2. You’ve been missed Pal 1000! I’ve been sending positive computer vibes your way. It’s been a weird summer, eh? For all. Autumn is just around the corner. Keep us posted on your home improvements. Good. Golly. Big hugs, B. (I do LOVE your photograph!)

    • Your vibes worked, dear Babs…and when I showed my computer guy your gorgeous photo of Paris, he loved it…then was truly amazed at the removal of the ugly crane. He kept toggling back and forth, just gaping at the screen–that was fun!

      So…I’m finally back to ‘somewhat near normal’, and yes, I do so look forward to Autumn–and the great images it provides. Though we’ve had rain here in Chicago, things look ‘dry and aging’–kind of like my own image in the mirror after this onslaught of bedbugs! BTW, Chicago is No. 1 Bedbug City–they even infest places like the Park Hyatt (at Water Tower) and the Peninsula Hotel! Imagine paying $500-1,00 per night, only to awaken with bites?!? Lots of little lawsuits going on!

  3. I hope you are free of the bed bugs now, how terrible. Glad your computer is all better, I must admit I was getting worried at your silence, glad it wasn’t anything really bad, if you know what I mean.

    • I’m still finding an occasional bedbug, but not in the bed, at least! They’ve been dying off and are so totally sealed in the walls. It’s about a 500 sq. ft. apartment, but I used almost 5 full tubes of caulk and about 7 pounds of patching plaster to get every crack and crevice covered.

      The computer still has some glitches with the graphics driver and video card, but I hope to get some answers on that by early next week–so thanks and I’m so sorry I couldn’t post to let people know what was going on. Just had to put all the ‘fun stuff’ on hold while plodding along with the bedbug problem!

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