Monday’s Roses

Yesterday's Roses-1


Yesterday's Roses-2


Yesterday's Roses-3

These have been processed with the ‘Diffuse Glow’ filter in Photoshop (TM), also utilizing a pure white background (Glow) color.

The result?

Very romantic, I feel!

6 responses to “Monday’s Roses

  1. very nice 1000…I like the treatment. We have a rose similar to this in our front garden. Our cat ‘Mitsy’ passed away several years ago and Shirl planted a rose over the spot where she is buried…we call it ‘Mitsys Rose’ and every year it blooms for a few weeks in the summer.

    • Thanks so, Leanne! I’m glad it’s there, as it allows me to ‘overblow’ the whites…but I also have to adjust the saturation on all the colors, or everything seems so terribly ‘faded’. It’s fun to play with, though.

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