Yesterday’s fog…

…rolled in and out throughout the day.

Take a look…and just enjoy!














On my walk back home, I took this shot of the top of the recently renovated Farcroft building’s north facade.


That statue in the lower middle always looked like a camel to me until I walked farther east on Fargo Avenue, zoomed in as far as I could, and caught this:


Phoenix?  Goony bird?  I do know it’s not a cockatoo!

I’ve found no documentation as to what it is, but it’s definitely a pretty incredible, huge sculpture sitting atop that thirteen story building!

4 responses to “Yesterday’s fog…

  1. As they say in Yorkshire (and maybe even Chicago) ‘it is getting ‘backendish now’. Autumn is starting to creep up on us and I am excited – it is my favorite time of the year…often fog is the first sign and the days are getting shorter and there is that chill just starting now….

    • Ah, we had ‘that chill’ today, smacked, accompanied by a pretty stiff wind off the lake! I actually had goosebumps, I got so very chilled just shooting a quick 29 shots!

      Love Autumn the best…something about it, the crispness that it brings, along with everything ripening and drying….

  2. I love fog and how it makes everything look, unfortunately we hardly got any fog this year, it was quite disappointing, the same thing happened last year too. I like yours.

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