Labor Day 2013

A change in weather gave us the cloudiest, coolest Labor Day in many years.

With a northeast wind off Lake Michigan, the shoreline wasn’t as packed with people as it has been in the past.

In fact, it was downright chilly as I took these images and hurried for cover from the wind.

Labor Day 2013-1


Labor Day 2013-2


Labor Day 2013-3


Labor Day 2013-4



But by the end of the afternoon, it became pretty obvious that there had been plenty of picnics!

Labor Day 2013-6

I had my own little ‘picnic’ meal–some nice homemade soup, flavored with Thai garlic chili sauce, which warmed me quite nicely!

* * *

Also, I was informed that this is my ‘anniversary’–my second year at WordPress is complete!

It’s sure been a great ride…and I hope you’ll all come along for the next year!

4 responses to “Labor Day 2013

  1. Dramatic looking sky! I love your shots of the clouds and crashing waves. Did you stick your toe in the water? Now I’m craving soup. . . B. (Happy Anniversary!)

    • No, absolutely not, Mlle B.! I do not go into the lake any longer. Too many people allow their dogs into the water, and we really never know the ‘water quality’ at these northernmost beaches–there have been many occasions in the past several Summers when the ‘black flag’ has been flown, due to heavy bacteris concentrations, yet many people ignore that completely. I, on the other hand, have a compromised immune system due to drinking Milwaukee’s water in 1993, which was contaminated with the Cryptosperidium bacteria–I was near death back then and dropped 35 pounds in 3 and a half weeks–so I must be very careful. I will drink only filtered water, which I also use for cooking…it was one scary time!

  2. It must be nice living close to water 1000…I am about 80 miles away and am landlocked – great pictures, and congratulations on your 2 years at WP!

    • I cannot imagine being that far from water, smacked! Even back in the late 60s when I lived in northern Virginia, the Potomac River was nearby. For the most part, I’ve always lived pretty close to the lake, but never as close as I am now–one short half-block!

      Thanks so, and I hope to keep blogging as long as I can still take a decent shot!!!

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