At the Emil Bach House parkway…

Leaves on the trees are yellowing...

…leaves on the trees are yellowing…

...the daisies lose color and petals in stages...

…the Daisies lose color and petals in stages…

...and the Hostas fade gracefully.

…and the Hostas fade gracefully.

As for the renovation of the 1915 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, the new layer of stucco is being applied, and I’m certain there is work going on inside as well.

Bach House Stucco-1

A closer look:

Bach House Stucco-2

2 responses to “At the Emil Bach House parkway…

  1. Hey there stranger! Its Billy from Rogers Park Vintage Management. Haven’t seen you around in a while, but I have been keeping up with all of your beautiful photos. Be sure to stop in at Cat’s Cradle B&B and the Emile Bach house on Oct. 19 or 20 for Open House Chicago 2013. I will be running the show over at EBH and my coworkers will be running the tours at the B&B. The lines in years prior have been the length of the entire block. Try to show up early or at the end and ill show you about personally.

    When are you going to come and rent a place from us!?! Imagine waking up to that lake view at the Farcroft every morning. I can already see all of the beautiful photos you would take from those windows….

    • Been meaning to try and catch you, Bill! Talked at length with ‘Bob’, the project engineer at the Bach House earlier today–wonderful guy!–and everything is looking great. I definitely plan on coming over…I’ll give you a call first!

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