Oh, it was bound to happen!

First Snow!

First Snow-1




First Snow-3

My windows are so full of condensation, I was only able to get these few peeks from the studio.

This snow followed a rainy day, then the temperature dropped into the high 20s (F.), so everything wet is now frozen.

Tomorrow, a sunny day in the mid-30s (F.) is promised, and this ‘light dusting’ will probably be gone by mid-morning.

7 responses to “Oh, it was bound to happen!

    • It took until the following day to melt in the shade and lower spots, Leanne…and it was quite a surprise! I’m sure it’s the first of many snowfalls, as this year is much colder than last.

    • Flukey, isn’t it, smacked? This was just the other day, but yesterday was near 70 degrees F., and tornadoes ripped through parts of Illinois and other Midwest states, killing at least six people. The damage is horrendous!!!

      Here in the very north of the city, we had some rain, thunder, lightning…and extremely high winds around 60 mph! I feared the windows would be blown in…haven’t experienced winds like that in quite a few years.

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