…the hectic pace has begun to slow–and just in time for the holidays (Haha!)!

Between nighttime leg cramps and a number of ocular migraines, a good night’s sleep has been a tough goal, and even though I woke today at 2:00 AM, I felt rested for a change…perhaps the culprit was the three-hour ‘short’ nap I had yesterday afternoon?

But…the closets are freshly painted and totally reorganized, almost all the photos are framed and ready to hang, the hardwood floors have been washed down with Murphy’s Oil Soap and treated with OrangeGlo and I had a wonderful morning baking Ginger Snaps, then shopped this afternoon, and just finished a very satisfying, healthy dinner (steamed salmon, potato slices baked with onion and a drizzle of olive oil, and fresh broccoli).

I can finally show you more Autumn brilliance!

These were taken last weekend and sadly, due to extremely windy conditioned over the past three or four days, most of these trees are nearly bare and grossly faded–but, they’re still beautiful to me!

Autumn Brilliance-1


Autumn Brilliance-3


Autumn Brilliance-6


Autumn Brilliance-5


Autumn Brilliance-6


Autumn Brilliance-4


???????????????????????????????This last image is my favorite, which I’ll take to the printer and have it done quite large!

* * *

Though I may not post every single day, be assured that I am continuing to shoot and process–it’s just that everything has taken so much longer to accomplish that I felt exhausted continually.

I checked out the DVD “Chicago” from the library today, and will be watching it (again!) tonight.

Back in 1978, a dear friend took me to see it here in Chicago with the original Broadway cast (Jerry Ohrbach,Gwen Verdon and Chita Rivera) at the old Blackstone Theatre, and I fell in love with the storyline and the music.

Hope you all will have as enjoyable evening as I will!

8 responses to “Thankfully…

  1. Beautiful photos 1000…you know how to capture the beauty of autumn with your lens…a joy to see. Take care of yourself 1000 – slow down a bit, take it easy…

    • Exactly what I’ve been doing the past few days, smacked…relaxing, reading, napping when I feel it’s a must, and hanging photographs, little by little.

      It’s been quite stressful for the past five months…it has affected me, but I’ll bounce back–I always do!!!

  2. You’ve been missed!! The leaves are incredible-looking. I’ve been reading about yesterday’s storms. Are you okay? B. (Ginger snaps?! Do you have a recipe?)

    • Mais oui, Mlle B., I am fine–just heavy, heavy winds which I thought might blow in the windows, but not that much rain up here just blocks south of Evanston.

      The recipe is from “joy of Cooking, but I use half honey/ half raw sugar (which stays crunchy even after baking–a special taste treat!)…and I use half whole wheat flour/half unbleached flour and only unsalted butter.

      These can be made a bit larger than what the recipe states, and the best part? They are soft inside, and kind of do the ‘melt in your mouth’ thing–YUM!!!

  3. Thanks for the update and the recipe! I will give it a shot over the weekend. You’ve been busy! When does the “Tree” stand open? I guess after Thanksgiving? Take care, B. (Again, your photographs are gorgeous. The red really pops!)

    • Ah, Mlle B., c’est dommaage! No tree stand this year…the gentleman who ran it is dying of cancer, and his colleagues decided not to sell trees at this location…nor did they do the Pumpkin Lot, though they were asked to do so by the new owner of the property.

      Kind of sad, as he was a very nice man…yet I knew several years ago that he most likely had cancer.

      • Sigh. I’m now sad. I thoroughly enjoyed your last year’s shots. Life. . . B. (Do let me know when the positive thoughts arrive. I contacted Fed-ex. According to their records, they left Maine about 8 PM on Tuesday, headed for Chicago.)

      • And I so enjoyed taking them, especially from up here! When it really snows, though, there shall be this vast expanse of whiteness down below, and because of all the track marks and leftover rubble, there should be some good, if rather bleak, winter shots! I am hopeful!

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