It hasn’t been the greatest week

Monday’s outing to the pharmacy (again!) chilled me so thoroughly, it took all evening to warm up, resulting in not feeling very well for the following several days…and the leg cramps were really cutting into valuable ‘sleep time’.

Friday’s visit to the doctor (to check how an outbreak of eczema was responding to treatment) revealed that there is no blood clot (YAY!), but some problem in the lumbar vertebra #5…so I will be scheduling an MRI for (hopefully?) some day this week.

The muscle cramps are excruciatingly painful, as that muscle running along the exterior of the legs contracts quickly and feels as hard as stone, and until I have the MRI, I won’t know if there will be therapy, more pain-killing drugs, or even an operation on my spine.

I haven’t exactly had much holiday spirit, or energy, or interest in posting…until this evening.

Today, I awoke early, and looked out the studio window into the darkness…and saw it was snowing!

I took a few shots after it became daylight.



Just before noon, I went out to return a few DVDs to the library, and found more gorgeous snow!



14DEC Snow-5

As I waited at the bus terminal, it began coming down a bit heavier, and a little bit of Christmas spirit returned.


It has been snowing most of the day, and is supposed to continue as ‘light’ snow tonight, so perhaps tomorrow, if my back and legs cooperate, I’ll get out and walk over to the lake?

4 responses to “It hasn’t been the greatest week

  1. Sorry to hear all this 1000, though you definitely have my sympathy, a lot of what you are describing could be used for me. Back pain is horrible, I hate it, and now I am getting hardly any sleep because my legs ache so much when I go to sleep, I’m sure I will get past it.
    I am so glad you found some energy to get out and take some photos. they are really good, I love snow, you know that, so I have to love them.
    Keep warm, look after your back and legs, take care of you.

    • Thanks so for the concern, Leanne!

      Fifty years ago this month, I fell on a concrete floor, injuring my coccyx–and have had back pain ever since, but nothing that included the terrible leg pain I’m experiencing now.

      Guess we’ll BOTH become therapy-driven for quite a while, eh?

    • I’ll really never ‘get well’ unfortunately, smacked. Old age is setting in, and I feel I’m adjusting quite well, but the one thing I cannot do well is take the pain, which is very exhausting and really slows things down.

      Just approaching each day with hopes of having a ‘good’ one, and continuing to create the images I deem important to show.

      I have begun ‘the’ painting, and plan on working on it a bit today…I’ll be posting ‘progress reports occasionally, because right now, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve taken on, and I do hope to do great justice to your glorious Dales!

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