Although the eight inches of snow never materialized…

…the other day, ‘they’ are now predicting another eight inches or more by Monday (‘eight’ must be someone’s favorite number, huh?) accompanied by severe cold.

We’ll see if ‘they’ are correct.

It just seems to me that ‘they’ don’t realize it’s Winter, it’s January…we’re supposed to be cold and snowy here in the Northern hemisphere!

But…I’ll tell you, it’s not easy getting around in this

Soup Day-1

…or slogging through this without falling or being hit by a passing car!

Soup Day-2

It’s quite nerve-wracking, having to use a cane in Winter, especially here in Chicago, where many never shovel their walkways, or are kind enough to shovel out the bus stops.

I’m just thankful, after all the extra exertion, to come home to a warm apartment and a delicious bowl of homemade chicken soup–with Mrs. Dash’s Lemon Pepper seasoning, onions, carrots, turnips, and brown rice…and a good spoonful of my favorite…wild rice!

Soup Day-3


(In case you’re wondering, those black lines on the bowl are hiding the Chinese character for SOUP!)

8 responses to “Although the eight inches of snow never materialized…

  1. We haven’t had anything but rain, rain and more rain. I am sat here with my brand new Nikon DSLR and a new Nikkor zoom lens – still in it’s bubble wrap – I just want to go out and take some piccys 😦 ‘Rain, rain go away – come again another day’). Anyway 1000 – your soup looks mighty tasty

    • Ah, it’s the best I’ve made this season, smacked!

      New Nikon, huh? (E. N. V. Y.!!!)

      And…we here in Chicago, after having had the coldest temps just several days ago (-16 F.)in almost twenty years, have been inundated with rain and 40 degrees F. today, causing all sorts of flooding and other messy problems!

      • and (just to make you a bit greener – a new 55-300mm as well)..but I rarely buy myself anything so this is the first for me for years…I saw Chicago on the telly – sounds like you are having a bad time.

  2. Beautiful shots!! (The second shot looks like waves!) Eight inches by Monday. Good. Golly. Walk with care! I also love your stove top shot. Jotting down your soup recipe, now. Handsome-looking dish! B. (Happy New Year!!)

    • Only found four of them, Mlle B., but love their look and capacity!

      Bonne Annee a vous, aussi! I have not been doing well, as you will find in the early morning post I just put up…but, possibly, better days are ahead, and I’ll be ‘romping around the streets’ come Springtime?!?

  3. How are you going with all the snow and the cold that I keep hearing about? Been hoping you were okay and staying warm. It sounds terrible. The world is in extremes, while you are going through that, we are bracing ourselves for a heatwave next week, it is going to be horrible here. 5 days of very very hot days. Take care.

    • I figured you were getting all the warmth, as had -16 degrees F. (-26 C.) on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a warming trend. It was 39 F. and raining all day here…as you’ll see in my early morning post!

      Quite. A. Mess. Everywhere!

      Stay cool, Leanne et al…and isn’t it a bit early for all that heat?

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