Within the next few days…

…I shall turn, as is said, 66 years old…Pshaw!…never thought I would live this long…I wrote this right after my dear aunt, my godmother, passed from an horrendous bout with cancer.



I am the dying:
Your closest friend
Conscious of your tears
Moistening this vanquished flesh.
Death’s perpetual parade courses
Victorious over Life ephemeral.
I surrender:
At Christmas
Fourth of July
My birthday
I was:

Copyright 1977  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

Nota bene:  This poem has been published.

Oh…how little I knew…back then…of life…and death.

I spent a lot of time in a darkroom…

…over 30 years ago, learning to develop and print.  Being me, I got courageous, and also learned to withstand the smell of making sepia prints (Oh, and isn’t it so easy now…with just a click or two?).

I photographed my younger son Erik’s feet (he ‘hated’ me for a long time for doing that), and while printing, overlaid a piece of what was known then as light Pellon (TM), a stiffener used in sewing.

The result was this, of which I remain very proud…and because he has passed, I can still look at those cute young toes!

Erik’s Young Feet  Copyright c. 1977  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com