On this day…

…I’d like to wish all fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day 2013

* * *

The little guy on the left is my own Dad, who passed just before Father’s Day in 1994.

The photograph was taken in the summer of 1919 and was originally hand-tinted.

My Dad had a copy negative made back in 1980, from which I printed a number of  8×10 black and whites, then sepia-toned.

Copies were given to his two brothers and four sisters.

My grandparents were immigrants from what was then Czechoslovakia, who came to America in 1912.

I’m pleased they revered the art of photography, so that I am able to present this image today, ninety-four years later!

Happy Father’s Day!

Each of us is granted only one father and one mother.  As you honored your mother this past Mother’s Day, please do the same for your fathers today.

Below is an image of my own Dad and his cousin in 1993.  Sadly, they are both passed…my Dad on June 7, 1994, and his cousin on May 7, 1994.  That Spring was very tough for me, losing two wonderful men I loved so very much.

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