From an early Autumn market

These images were taken with my old Olympus 3.2 megapixel camera seven years ago in Cudahy, WI while I was visiting an old friend.  I dragged them off my external drive and re-worked them in Photoshop (TM), to kind of give them the processing I’ve been recently perfecting.  Hope you enjoy!

Cabbage, Revisited

“Turban” Squash

Multi-color Carrots

Purple Cabbage

Hot Pepper Rainbow

Swiss Chard, Revisited

A little different feel…

…and a little different color!

Some may remember my ‘Best Hancock’ image, shot in 2005 with my Olympus 3.2 Megapixel point and shoot camera:

Best Hancock

I was ‘playing’ in Photoshop (TM) one day and decided to re-work it…then came up with this version, which I decided to use on my new business card:

NEW Best Hancock

I also printed it as an 8.5 x 11 and am very pleased with the variety of colors!  Normally, every image of the Hancock is dreary deep, not-quite-black  grays.  I prefer this and it’s a lot more fun to look at!

These are real…

…beech nuts…

Copper Beech Nuts

…which grow on this marvelous old tree…

Copper Beech Tree in Dense Fog

…located in a small park along the shore of Lake Michigan in Bay View, Wisconsin.

Copper Beech Tree Plaque


When the copper beech

Came in sight

I stopped,


And said,

“Splendid you are,

Old tree.

Tell me your secrets.”

She remained silent.

Bold in the fog,

And yet,

Still revealing.

Copyright 2005