At Wicker Park

White Roses in Wicker Park

For tonight and tomorrow night

I shot a bunch seven years ago, when I was ‘behind the lines’ at a fireworks display put on by the Bartolotta family, on the lake just south of Cudahy, a Milwaukee suburb.  I not only had a lot of fun with this experiment, but found out that the ‘glittery’ look of many fireworks is the result of adding powdered coffee creamer to the rest of the ingredients!


Shooters  Copyright 2005


Concerning the passion we have for each other:

The interplay of values
Dark and light,

Brushed across Life’s canvas
In quick strokes
Of our individual colors,

Occasionally blended



Like tubes,
We’ve been upon Life’s shelf:
Jostled, squeezed, re-priced–
Until we touched
On the same palette
In that evening of color.

I, the blues/
Prussian, cobalt, cerulean.

Space white between us.

Your umbres, siennas,
Even cadmiums
Complement me,
Setting us off to read well.

As we caress
I am reminded:


When properly mixed,
Can defy the Ages.

Copyright 2012

Really Photoshopped (TM): From the past

Shell and Rocks  Copyright 2005

A shell from Sanibel Island and some river rocks I spot-gilded…along with treating the whole thing to ‘Plastic’ in Photoshop (TM) Filters.

For a bit, I had it ‘for sale’ as a greeting note card…a few liked it and bought.

I’ve pretty much given up ever trying to sell ANY of my artwork in Chicago and do not seem to have much energy to pursue a sale elsewhere…though the $$$ would certainly be appreciated, living on fixed income and such.

I’m so sorry I missed…

…the seventh anniversary of John Raitt’s passing.  He was a musical hero, back when I was young.  The best of those I was fortunate to work with was Howard Keel, shortly before he became a regular on ‘Dallas’.

This is the only clip I can find of him, singing ‘in studio’ with his marvelous daughter, Bonnie.

I seem to feel John is resting in great peace…knowing Bonnie carries on.

Time Shot

Chicago Avenue Subway 2005

Copyright 2012



The clock
Has witnessed
Much more than it divulges
Through its somber rhythms.
Veneer translucent
Glides tick-tock
To be imaged
Only by freeze/frame clicks.


Copyright 2001