In a bit over one hour…

…Autumn arrives!  It’s a great time for nature photography, such as this image I took last year.




…it will be Spring.  60+degrees here in Chicago today!

Fluke?  (Oh, no…I don’t want to go THERE!).

Tomorrow, almost the same forecast…with heavy winds, again…I’ll try to get out and shoot, I promise.

In the meantime, please honor my work by watching my very first video slideshow, shot in 2005 and not produced until 2011.

On this, the second to last day of 2011…

…the view from my window looks as dismal as Obama’s economy, doesn’t it?

On a clear day, I’m able to see the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette at the horizon (above the white satellite dish) and downtown Evanston’s highrise (just to the right of the old water tower framework).

Here’s a closer look:

It’s been raining on and off…still no SNOW!

It didn’t feel quite like Christmas without snow here in the Windy City.  Maybe, next year?