I’ll call this “In desperation”, I guess…

This god
Is not operating fairly.


Has not told
Each of us
How much time we have
To live.

I am disappointed.

Others I have loved
Have left this plane
Before me.

I am jealous.

Where are they
Besides being here with me
At times
When I hear their
Particular voices?

I am ravenous.

To be with
My children, my sons.
I alone bore them.
Is there no value
For that act?

I am quizzical.

When I hear the voice
Of my Mother
And others,
From where do these voices come?

I ask, what is “The Beyond”?

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Shooters  Copyright 2005  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com


Concerning the passion we have for each other:

The interplay of values
Dark and light,

Brushed across Life’s canvas
In quick strokes
Of our individual colors,

Occasionally blended



Like tubes,
We’ve been upon Life’s shelf:
Jostled, squeezed, re-priced–
Until we touched
On the same palette
In that evening of color.

I, the blues/
Prussian, cobalt, cerulean.

Space white between us.

Your umbres, siennas,
Even cadmiums
Complement me,
Setting us off to read well.

As we caress
I am reminded:


When properly mixed,
Can defy the Ages.

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Questions and curiosity

Light Dancer  Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com


Middle of the night


In deep dark

I sit and wonder

Where I am going



Artist still.

Photog still.

Poet still.


And yet

These times

The later times of life

Continue to baffle, confuse

And somehow satisfy.


Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com

Horizon Upsweep


There are no lines

In my line of sight.

No edges

Only smudges of blending colors.

Single stars

Have become

Fireworks in freeze-frame.

Streetlights glow ten times beyond.

Car lights threaten:

I cannot see for their glare.

Though I am losing sight

I remain an artist.

Am I crazy or what?

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I offer this, because it is my reason for being

The Eye of Leonardo  Copyright 2012  http://www.anotherthousandwords.wordpress.com


A wise man
Simplifies his tastes
That he may savour.
He does what he pleases
In order to
Expend the least amount
Of energy
On triviality.
He gives of his Life
That others may benefit
And re-creates
Where re-creation
Is needed.

Time Shot

Chicago Avenue Subway 2005

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The clock
Has witnessed
Much more than it divulges
Through its somber rhythms.
Veneer translucent
Glides tick-tock
To be imaged
Only by freeze/frame clicks.


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