For all you ‘likers’ and ‘followers’

This is the best I can say it:  Follow your dream and ‘keep going’.

I first held an old Kodak bellows camera, and shot, at 4 and a half years old.  I am, in a bit over two months, turning 66 years old.  And, yes, I have almost always had a still camera or a video camera in my hands, if I wasn’t holding a paint brush or a can of spray paint…or making movies cuz I was ‘On a Mission from God’.

I only painted in that mall four days…others worked several months to make it ready for the shoot.  BTW, in case you don’t believe…I was Stand-by Sign Writer here in Chicago on “The Blues Brothers”, sent down by IATSE Local 18 in Milwaukee, because I was good, very good at my art AND craft.  When you see Toys r Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe, I painted that, and the stripes that appear later, among other false fronts.

I’ve made it this far, and still, I keep going!  You all must, too.

I was told the best way to lead is by example.  Liberal or Conservative…take that and RUN with it!

To close this night…

…a little Ray Charles, in “The Blues Brothers”, with a lot of my signage.  Wasn’t he great?

And for all you Florida voters out there:  THINK! You better THINK FREEDOM, before you vote!

After all, isn’t FREEDOM what the USA is all about?

FREEDOM from tyrannical leaders, third-world-type despots like Mr. Soebarkah, who had to audacity to NOT honor a subpeona by the State of Georgia last week?

For those of you who may know…or so you think

IF…I applied for a job today, here in Chicago…I would have to present EVIDENCE of my birth (which occurred back in the
City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin).

UNLESS, apparently, I changed my name to:  BARACK OBAMA, which was NEVER my name in the first place!

I have already had to do this…butt, my  own name is, apparently. “white” or  too Jewish (sorry, can’t be BOTH!)…

It’s interesting how BOSSES, even as simple-minded as my last (Vivian Davis)  boss at a local display/design company, fired me because I had more experience, and was a better painter/artist that she could ever be.

You see…I thought after I had made such a SPLASH as Stand-by Signwriter in (The Blues Brothers-in the summer of 1979),  I stupidly figured, after paying ALL the pc’s to the union (Studio Mechanics Local 476) , that I would be remembered.

I was asked to SNITCH…and I did not…because I could not.  I was there, working…for an afternoon…with this amazing man hovering over me whom my mother taught me about–CAB CALLOWAY!  As I worked, he talked…could it get any better?

So here I live…now…and I find I cannot care less about any film, or movie, working  to be made here, in Chicago.  Except this:

Miss you and love you, Cab!