Please take a moment…

…today to understand the reason for this solemn holiday.

???????????????????????????????The American Flag…our symbol of Freedom…at the Harold Washington Library, Chicago, Illinois.

In Memoriam

Martin Richard, Age 8 Photo courtesy CNN, but reworked in Photoshop (TM)

Martin Richard, Age 8
Photo courtesy CNN, but reworked in Photoshop (TM)

One child

would not awake

to the brilliant Spring day

with thoughts of fun in the park


He now sleeps

the longest slumber…

never again to run

never to make his mark

Copyright 2013


Please…as Martin’s mother suffered a brain injury, and his sister lost a leg, remember this entire family in your prayers and thoughts.

Thank you.

In light of today’s most terrible tragedy…

…at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, it would be tasteless to post any Christmas photos.

Instead, I ask you all to take a moment and pray (whether you do that normally or not) for all the families who, through no fault of their own, are having to experience the loss of loved ones…especially those who have lost children, the most horrific ordeal any parent must face.

My sadness is nothing when compared to theirs.


It has been a long day…

…many hours spent remembering this date, which was Thanksgiving Day back sixteen years ago in 1996…a day of great sorrow, because I lost this:

Erik, #60

This photo is dated Aug. 31, 1990…six years and about 3 months before the unthinkable, the unbelievable happened on black ice at mile marker 100 near the town of Legnica, Poland.

One minute, a vibrant, brilliant mechanical design engineer, redesigning pollution control systems in Poland, and Beijing, China, and about to do the same in Italy…the next minute brought instant death, a head on collision with a German tanker truck.

Sixteen years, and though I’ve done many things (and almost died twice, myself) in all this time, the tragedy and loss remain fresh….



All was very pale

in the dark that night

I saw a chin and a nose

every time I closed my eyes

I could not see your face

but I knew it was yours

as you lay on the ground


In Poland





Reduced to paperwork

Files and accounts


It is still difficult to believe

You are no longer here

To joke and laugh

And do your Mike Tyson imitation


Copyright 1997

Peeks at the lake…

…during 9/11’s contemplative walk.

Morning at the Lake–11SEP2012

Here…then Gone