So? I used to be able do to that too!

Sly Stallone turns 66 years old on July 6th…two months and three days after I turn the same.

I used to be agile, like him…but these days, the osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia do take their toll.

I, however, remain positive, and am getting my life and calm back after the nasty African immigrants who granted me the gift of almost a full year of stress, finally left on 26FEB2012.  They left their renovated apartment in a shambles after less than one year; it took three workers a week to re-paint and do repairs.

I now have new neighbors…two college-age girls with at least one cat who have been very quiet and amiable thus far.

I simply cannot say if there is a way I can conquer these debilitating diseases, or the 24/7 pain and the feeling of exhaustion they bring, but I have set goals…to walk more, to photograph more of Chicago.  And, ‘Gonna Fly Now’ , maybe even higher than I have in the past several years!

Yesterday’s surprises

I live a short half-block from Lake Michigan, a few blocks south of the Chicago/Evanston border.  Spring has never ‘arrived’ quite this early, as shown in yesterday afternoon’s shots below.  BTW, it was over 80 degrees here, but when I returned home close to 5 PM, the old “cooler by the lake” adage took over…it was at least 15 degrees cooler here than four blocks to the west.

Greens ‘n’ Buds!

Daffodils…this early?

More daffodils…on the 15th of March?

Shadows and Forsythia

I must apologize for not posting these last evening, but the combo of fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis caught up with me…I ate a simple supper and was in bed by 7 PM!