It has been a long day…

…many hours spent remembering this date, which was Thanksgiving Day back sixteen years ago in 1996…a day of great sorrow, because I lost this:

Erik, #60

This photo is dated Aug. 31, 1990…six years and about 3 months before the unthinkable, the unbelievable happened on black ice at mile marker 100 near the town of Legnica, Poland.

One minute, a vibrant, brilliant mechanical design engineer, redesigning pollution control systems in Poland, and Beijing, China, and about to do the same in Italy…the next minute brought instant death, a head on collision with a German tanker truck.

Sixteen years, and though I’ve done many things (and almost died twice, myself) in all this time, the tragedy and loss remain fresh….



All was very pale

in the dark that night

I saw a chin and a nose

every time I closed my eyes

I could not see your face

but I knew it was yours

as you lay on the ground


In Poland





Reduced to paperwork

Files and accounts


It is still difficult to believe

You are no longer here

To joke and laugh

And do your Mike Tyson imitation


Copyright 1997

Giving thanks


Ten Steps to a Better Thanksgiving

Feeling like you can’t find anything to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Here’s how to regain perspective.

By Marcia Morrissey,


As Thanksgiving approaches I am reminded of an important lesson I learned many years ago, of the value of developing the habit of gratitude. My friend Amy shared something that taught me to notice the little blessings in each day no matter the circumstances.

It was not long after my divorce and I was struggling emotionally and financially, trying to take care of my little boy and myself. It seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong, and life was piling up on me. It was hard, some days, to look beyond it all and not be overwhelmed.

Amy came over to visit one day when I was feeling especially low, and she just listened. Before she left, she offered something her pastor had said the previous Sunday: “When you go to bed each night,” he’d counseled, “count ten things to thank God for in that day.”

But she added, “The catch is that they have to be ten different things each night.” For example I couldn’t just say thank you every night for my son; I would have to think of something in particular he said, or did that made me smile that day.

I didn’t say anything, but the thought in my frame of mind at the time was, “Ten?”

Continue reading here.

No matter how little you may think you have…there is always someone with less.