More…Art Institute Garden

AIC Garden, facing north  Copyright 2012

Large Interior Form by Henry Moore  Copyright 2012

Flying Dragon by Alexander Calder  Copyright 2012

Buds  Copyright 2012

The Bud’s Flower  Copyright 2012

More Flowers  Copyright 2012


There will be more to come, as the blooming season continues!

Today…in the rain

“They” said it would clear by early afternoon.  “They” were wrong…again!

Just two weeks ago, I posted these lovely tulips on State Street, here in the Chicago Loop:

Today, they looked like this:

And like this:

So, I walked over to the Art Institute, hoping to spend the afternoon indoors, but today was not a free day (it’s the end of the month for me, and 5 color ink cartridges cost almost $92, which ate into my ‘extras for fun’ account).  I spent some time in the gift shop, admiring overpriced objects mostly ‘Made in China’, then retired to the garden.

Oh!  Pansies!  How I love pansies!

All photos copyright 2012

There is more to come from the Art Institute…just am too tired to run everything through Photoshop (TM) tonight!