November’s leaves…

…were blown quickly to the ground after last week’s many windy days, yet their colors and patterns looked more like the finest Oriental rugs.

Leaves Diffuse-4


Leaves Diffuse-3


Leaves Diffuse-2


Leaves Diffuse-5

Even after being trod upon by many, many feet, they still retained their beauty, don’t you think?


At the Emil Bach House parkway…

Leaves on the trees are yellowing...

…leaves on the trees are yellowing…

...the daisies lose color and petals in stages...

…the Daisies lose color and petals in stages…

...and the Hostas fade gracefully.

…and the Hostas fade gracefully.

As for the renovation of the 1915 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, the new layer of stucco is being applied, and I’m certain there is work going on inside as well.

Bach House Stucco-1

A closer look:

Bach House Stucco-2