Many of you may realize I’m in love…

…with Nature, and all the beauty it grants us!  The following image was taken during the third week of October at a building a block away.

Branches and Shadows-Original

I really liked the tree, the shadows and the few remaining leaves…but I hated the color of the brick, because it just didn’t allow Nature to show off these gorgeous leaves!

Working in Photoshop (TM) with Selective Color and Contrast, I reduced the reds and yellows until the brick looked right…but the leaves became so very pale.

Utilizing the Lasso, I isolated the leaves (several at a time) and tinted them with several passes of a low-opacity suitable color…

Branches and Shadows-1

Branches and Shadows-2

…finally adding some vignetting (found in the Lens Correction filter), using Sharpen Edges filter, and a small amount of Gaussian Blur.

Branches and Shadows-3

Kind of harsh-looking, isn’t it?  I took care of that by adding a bit more Gaussian Blur (0.3) and lessening the Contrast (-36)…e voila!

Branches and Shadows-4

For the final image, Saturation was taken down (-12) and Lighten was added (+3)…and NOW I’m satisfied and hope this helped you to understand some of the FUN I have and the lengths I go to in order to present Nature’s beauty!

Branches and Shadows-Final

It’s rather obvious, isn’t it…

…that the ‘Bares’ are winning?

Reds and Bares

Bares and Not-bares

This image is a composite made up of four separate images 0verlaid in different, varying opacities and then, Photoshopped (TM) to the hilt!

From my window: Every year…

…at the end of September, a group from northern Wisconsin sets up a “Pumpkin Lot” at the front end of the parking lot next door, which is right below my window.  They do return in November to run the space as a “Christmas Tree Lot”, but for now, it is filled with beautiful ‘pumps’, as I like to call them.

The Pumpkin Lot in the Late Afternoon

As darkness begins, and gorgeous Autumn hues are replaced with subtly-colored leaves reflecting the light of bare bulbs, the whole lot becomes a little creepier, especially when visited by a man dressed totally in black!

The Pumpkin Lot in the Early Evening