Busy buzzers

There’s a tiny raised bed in Rogers Beach Park up the road, planted by a woman I met two years ago.

I haven’t seen her since, but obviously she’s still tending this small space.

Earlier in the week, I walked up there and found these little guys/gals, humming away and, thankfully, not interested in me at all!

Busy Bees-1


Busy Bees-3


Busy Bees-2


Busy Bees-4

Just like this bee…

…going ’round and ’round, I have been systematically pushing forward to success in getting rid of the dreaded, nasty bedbugs!

Bee on Sunflower-Diffuse Glow White BKGD

Each morning, I’ve made the rounds checking walls and ceilings, dismantling sheets, blanket and pillow cases, then shaking them out over the tub–NOTHING!–not one ugly bedbug since the exterminator visited for the third time last Thursday.

My hard, strenuous work patching and caulking has really paid off–but the exhausted feeling is still there, unfortunately.

He punched quite a number of holes in the walls, and pumped in some powder; I then immediately patched the holes, hoping and praying those nasty beasties are stuck in the walls and will soon die–well, they CAN live for one to three years without ‘nourishment’, but I’m hoping and praying just the same!

So…my life is somewhat back to normal–whatever THAT is, and I can finally afford to take some time to post and go through all YOUR posts (though there were so many, it’ll take quite a while, so I began with the newest).

RE: the computer:

Now that I’ve had to reinstall Adobe CS4 and have all the current updates, I’m planning to spend some time learning new ‘ins-and-outs’ in Illustrator (TM) in hopes of enhancing the images I present.  Though I’ve had it for over four years, I’ve never really ‘worked’ in it, so I do look forward to that new challenge, perhaps doing more ‘composite’ images and such.

I still have a monitor resolution situation to conquer, but it looks as if we have a warm, sunny day ahead–so I will probably go downtown to the Harold Washington Library, then walk around and shoot for a bit, as I’ve gotten pretty bored with my neighborhood and haven’t been downtown in several months!

Thanks to all for your kindness and patience while my life has been in such upheaval the past month–you probably might not understand just how much your comments mean to me, but they are what keeps me going at it!

If you know what these are…UPDATE!

...could you please let me know in the Comments?

…could you please let me know in the Comments?

The bees seem to love them...

The bees seem to love them…

...and they've grown outside the fence at a parkway up the road!

…and they’ve grown outside the fence at a parkway up the road!


The leaves have a pleasant aroma when crushed a bit, but it’s not Lavender.

I searched through Google images and couldn’t find anything similar, but they are very common in the gardens in my neighborhood.

I am perplexed!

* * *

Thanks to commenter “Dawn”!!!

These are a variety of Catmint (Nepeta), though they have a deeper magenta bud which is ‘furrier’ than most of the Google images.

But the leaves are the same, and apparently the colors can vary somewhat.

Thanks again, Dawn…you made my day by teaching me something new!

Sunflower Down

This sunflower head lay on the garden soil, broken off its stem much earlier in the day; the seeds will never ripen, the petals will be shriveled by morning. This little guy kept going round and round, working so hard…I hope he got something out of it!

Worker Bee

Just 12 days ago…

…I took a shot of this about-to-open sunflower just down the street.  Remember?

Sunflower B4

Then, three days later, I posted this:

Sunflower Revisited

Here it is again, about 5:00 PM (CDT)…and you can see the progress, thanks to the bees working each and every tiny flower:

The “Grand Opening” Sunflower