For those who were concerned…

…I found out that Santa is no longer behind bars!

Santa Released!

Santa Released!

Rumor has it that the charge of  “Trespassing on Private Property” was dismissed, after a judge looked at the plaintiff and queried, “Madam, are you nuts!  This is, after all, Santa Claus…and he can land his reindeer and sleigh wherever he chooses!”  The mad woman was very lucky she did not get fined for harassment and perjury.

So, Santa is back at the North Pole, taking a rest (and a good, long, hot shower!) after his incarceration, and will have everything in order for Christmas Eve, 2014!

And…that’s a good thing, because he’s out of the intense COLD here in Chicago.  I even captured a steaming sewer at the corner, while I was out walking this morning!

Sewr Steam

About 15 minutes ago 5:45 PM CST), our temperature here was 8 degrees F. with a wind chill of 9 below zero!

Even Lake Michigan, which I also captured about 11:00 AM, is slowly icing over!

Lake Icing Up 21JAN2013