At the Garfield Park Conservatory

After quite a bit of research, I think this is Heliconia Vellozania, so I’ll call it that.  If I am wrong, please, someone, correct me…I am an artist, not a botanist.

Heliconia Vellozania

And, a closer look:

Heliconia Vellozania

Here are several others of the 100+ shots I took the day I visited:



Bird of Paradise

A few unique shots…

…of some beauties from last Thursday’s visit to the Lincoln Park Conservatory:

Hanging Lobster Claw  Copyright 2012

This is known in the botanical world as Heliconia rostrata.

Variegated Oak Leaf Basket Fern  Copyright 2012

Known by botanists a Drynaria quercifolia ‘pinto’

The Urn Plant  Copyright 2012

Otherwise known as a popular Bromeliad, Neorolegia flandria.

A floral delivery for all of you!

Chase Bank Bromeliad-1  Copyright 2012

Chase Bank Bromeliad-2  Copyright 2012

Chase Bank Tulip-1  Copyright 2012

Chase Bank Tulip-2  Copyright 2012