Someone obviously took the advice…

…from the previous post, and decided to “Sleep late tomorrow.”–while smoking in bed!!!

THIS is the result…an hour of my life. and the lives of residents of 101 other apartments, which we’ll never get back…all because some jerk thought they were being “COOL”!

Not just TWO Chicago Fire Department trucks...

Not just TWO Chicago Fire Department trucks…

..but a THIRD and a FOURTH...

..but a THIRD and a FOURTH

AND a FIFTH came...

AND a FIFTH responded… addition to the Battalion Chief, an ambulance beyond his vehicle...

…in addition to the Battalion Chief; also, an ambulance was at the ready, up the street just beyond his vehicle…

and several Chicago Police Department squads...traffic was rerouted for a block in each direction!

…and several Chicago Police Department squads…traffic was rerouted for a block in each direction!

CFD even raised  their ladder up the front of the building...something I've never seen in my almost six years of living here!

CFD even extended their ladder up the front of the building…something I’ve never seen in my almost six years of living here!

If I sound a bit angry, it’s because of the stupidity of fools like this negligent tenant, who endangered not only their own life, but the lives of several hundred others!

I truly feel they should be evicted after such a stupid transgression…we’ll see.

Needless to say, the CFD responded within minutes, as did the CPD!  These men and women serve us unceasingly…and, here in Chicago, many treat them as “dirt”until it’s a fire or shooting and they become affected directly!

Wherever you live, if you have an experience similar to this, or worse, take the time to “THANK” these first responders…your LIFE may depend upon their quick actions!

It is nice to note, though, that one of the CPD trucks was decorated for the holidays…demonstrating that firefighters are ALSO human beings!

29DEC2012-Fire 7

From my window: Special Delivery

At around 9:30, I heard a tremendous noise…and grabbed the camera, of course.  As I peeked through drawn blinds, this is what I saw, only a block and half away…


…delivering heavy equipment (A/C and such) to the Farcroft, a 12 story apartment building, owned by James N. Pritzker.  The gut rehab has been going on for most of this year…and they are a long way from the finish!

The helo made four quick trips and the noise ceased, unlike the other day, when I photo’d another helo, thinking it was the Chicago Police Department assisting in a lake rescue.  When I uploaded the shot, it became apparent that someone was just shooting video or pix, as this helo hovered for about 20 minutes.

Oh, my…3:45 AM and I’m still awake! SMOKY!

Not due to me, but to my neighbor’s (two doors down) who decided to have a kitchen fire at 2:30 in the morning!

I’ve been doing some heavy Spring cleaning, which has included my keyboard.  I am working hard, here in Chicago, trying to not hurl!

Apparently, his ‘girlfriend’, who happens to be the mother of his 4 yr old daughter who lives with him, started the fire.  Thanks, stupid biyotch, because I’ve met her and she seems to be one.

He has had the police banging his door very late at night…stupid guy would not answer until they (the CPD) threatened to break down the door.  Just to be real PC about everything…as an artist, I can rightfully say, “Black is one of the colors of trouble, here in Chicago”.

Four apartments on the 6th floor were placed in jeopardy…due to the negligence of this recent occupant.  Thankfully, the Chicago Fire Department responded almost immediately.

An artist friend used to live in that small studio, so I am well-acquainted with the space (and lack thereof).

Even two cones of Indian ‘LOTUS’ incense do not dispel the acrid odor!

I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep…with that smell, that ugly smell!

I stuck an index card under his door which stated, “You should apologize to all your neighbors.”